help plox im a poket full of glitch

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help plox im a poket full of glitch

Post  RyuKen on Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:41 am

ok I got some weird stuff happening to me <.<

1. Pianus gives me epicly low exp, I used to need 2 spawns to go lvl 200 but now i need around 21 spawns,aswell with anego and crow, I am 10th occupation.
2. When I do max dmg (1333333337) monsters dont die. Someone told me to take off some msis, but then whats the point on getting em --.
3. sometimes mobs do me ALOT of dmg example, Zakum sometimes does 76k dmg.
4. some of the mobs doesnt drop the item we need for belt quest.

im a lesbian<3

Mesos pl0x
Mesos pl0x

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